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About Yasurf

What happens when you bring two good friends with a passion for tech and design together?

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Product Design

We excel in crafting captivating visuals and user-friendly interfaces that not only captivate audiences but also define and elevate brands.


We create custom web apps for all stages of your business, meeting your unique needs. Whether you want to innovate, enhance existing solutions, or realign your goals, we bring your vision to life.

Product Growth & Care

Building the technical foundation that powers websites and applications, from databases to integrations, ensuring smooth functionality.

The process

It's all about people and the process.

A client doing a Google Meet with  Yasurf for product discovery

In this phase, we work closely with you to understand your needs and the market's demands through extensive research. We identify your key objectives, challenges, and opportunities, laying the foundation for your project's direction.

Wireframing for a digital product

We create detailed user flows and wireframes, mapping out the navigation and structure of your digital solution. These visual representations serve as blueprints, ensuring a clear understanding of your user's journey and your application's layout and functionality.

Yasurf holding up a phone in front of a laptop where UI designs are visible

We focus on crafting intuitive and visually appealing user experiences (UX/UI design) that align with your brand's identity. We prioritize your satisfaction and ease of interaction, ensuring you have a seamless and engaging user experience.

A clean desk with code on the desktop

In this phase, we bring our designs to life by writing code and building your digital solution. We use various programming languages and frameworks to develop your software, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the approved designs and functionalities.

Someone testing an app and writing notes down

We conduct rigorous testing to identify and eliminate any bugs or issues within the software. We perform comprehensive quality assurance testing, including functional, performance, and security testing, to ensure your product functions flawlessly across different devices and scenarios.

Picture of mobile where Apple's App Store is visible

After successful testing, we release your software to the public or your specified audience. This phase involves deploying the application to servers or app stores, making it accessible to your users. We ensure a smooth deployment process to minimize disruptions.

a graph to see how user use an app

We actively seek feedback of the users to understand their experiences with the software. We collect feedback through various channels, enabling us to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments, ensuring the product meets your and your users' expectations and demands.

As your software gains traction and user base, we focus on scaling up the infrastructure and resources to accommodate increased demand. This phase involves optimizing servers, enhancing security measures, and expanding support systems to ensure the software's performance and your satisfaction as your user base grows.

Our happy clients

Some of our partners and clients

“The collaboration went great and Yasurf's proactive role has helped us enormously and we can still contact them quickly for adjustments to the site.”
Gijs Hooghiemstra co-founder of Koppycoffee
Gijs hooghiemstra
co-founder of
Website preview of Koppycoffee
“Yasurf made a very well designed website for me, exactly how I wanted it. Great communication as well.”
picture of Jill, the owner of Jilla
Jill Vincentie
owner of
preview of www.jillathejeweller.com
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